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Norton Help
Why use Norton Help Number?

With numerous benefits of the internet, there are lots of disadvantages that the users of the internet have to face. The devices on which the internet is accessed is often attacked by malware. There comes the need of using antivirus. Norton antivirus is one of the most preferred antiviruses across the world. It is such software which provides complete protection to your device. In case of any problem in it, you have to contact Norton help team for resolving them instantly. Irrespective of the type of problem you face in the Norton antivirus, you should contact the support team for overcoming all the issues within a short interval of time.

Why there is a need for Norton help?
  •  As it is relatively easy to use Norton so it is preferred by a huge number of the population across the world. Due to many situations, you will find that Norton has stopped working. In that situation, you will need the help of Norton support team who would find out the actual cause of the problem and hence resolve it.
  •  Whether the situation is about installation, activation or uninstallation or even the process of up-gradation of the antivirus then a certified technician is the one who can provide you relevant support in all these cases.
  •  After the process of installation or activation gets over, the technicians cross-check it. Then they ensure that they complete the process of installation of the antivirus uninstallation properly or not.
  • In case you have a doubt regarding any of the steps or you find some other issue in it then you should contact Norton help team for getting it resolved.
What is a process of installation of Norton?
  • You need to first have Norton security download from the Norton website.
  • Then in the downloaded setup file that you got from the official website you have to right-click.
  • Doing so will take you to a welcome screen, in the top right corner you can find the installation language.
  • From there you have to select the language and then click on ‘continue’.
  • Now for activating the Norton successfully, you have to first type a new username and password and after that click on ‘create an account’ for creating a new Norton account. This is where the license number will be stored; this could be used further for the activation process.
  • In order to login into the existing Norton account, you will have to click on ‘login here’ and then enter the license number that is stored. This is for activating it.

In case you have difficulty in activating Norton, then you can use Norton uninstaller tool for deactivating the antivirus and again install it back on the same device following each and every step clearly. Once you have activated it you must ensure that you restart your computer then only you can enjoy all the features and provide complete protection to your device.

Norton Help

What are the steps of activation?

There are huge numbers of people who wish to use Norton antivirus for protecting their device. These people usually download and install the antivirus but in the duration of the installation, they may not activate it. In that case, it is for sure that they can’t use the protection features. There is no need to worry if you are the one you have not activated and you are wondering about the steps to do so. The steps are very simple yet if you need any help then you can take it from Norton customer service number. The executives of the support team will definitely make sure that you complete the process without any hindrance.

Here are the steps of activation:
  • The process starts after you double-click the Norton icon. This is present on the desktop for opening the management console.
    After that, you need to click on the link of the security. This will take you to the screen wherein the top right corner you will find the menu on which you have to click on ‘About’.
  • These steps will take you to a screen where you can find the subscription tab. One can get this as soon as you click on that then you will find some activation methods. If you don’t understand which method to choose, then you can call in Norton phone number for seeking help.
  • After you choose the method, you have to click on the login icon which is present in the next screen. Type the email address and password that you created while purchasing the Norton file from the official website.
  • When you are able to login in the account you will have to enter the license number. This is because to activate the Norton account successfully.

Though these steps are very simple, and you can very easily activate your account but at some point, of time but still if you feel that you are having trouble in following these steps then you should call Norton help experts.